L.A. mall evacuated: What caused the bomb scare?

An L.A. mall was evacuated after a man raised concerns about a briefcase in his car. More than 1,000 mall employees and 300 shoppers were evacuated during the investigation.

An L.A. mall was evacuated for more than four hours on Sunday. More than 1,000 workers and Los Angelenos were evacuated from the upscale mall for more than four hours over a suspicious briefcase.

L.A.P.D. Capt. Lillian Carranza says a man returned to his car Sunday on the first floor of the parking structure at the Beverly Center. Carranza says the man called police and told them the car and a briefcase inside it had been moved, and after recent suspicions over his safety he was extremely concerned.

A bomb squad arrived and police cleared out the large mall, with about 1,300 people in all evacuating.

The bomb squad used a robot to remove the briefcase from the car, blasted it with water and detonated it. Nothing dangerous was discovered.

The mall reopened at about 5 p.m.

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