Ground beef recall linked to illness in five states

Ground beef recalled last week may be responsible for symptoms experienced by 16 people in Michigan, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin who ate the recalled ground beef.

Tami Chappell/Reuters/File
Health-care workers leave the Centers for Disease Control Emergency Operations headquarters in Atlanta in 2009. The CDC has linked 16 cases of salmonella food poisoning to a ground beef recall affecting two Michigan businesses

Ground beef recalled last week is linked to 16 cases of salmonella food poisoning in five states, say federal health officials.

No one has died, but half were hospitalized. Most of the illnesses have been in Michigan, but a few cases were scattered in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Seven people ate a raw ground beef dish called kibbeh (kib-BEH') last month at a suburban Detroit restaurant that wasn't identified. Health officials say consumers should not eat uncooked meat.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the cases have been linked to last week's recall of more than 1,000 pounds of ground beef from two Michigan businesses, Troy-based Gab Halal Foods and Sterling Heights-based Jouni Meats.

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