Netflix CEO pay: Hastings' gets 100 percent raise

Netflix CEO pay will double after he took a 43 percent pay cut this past year for management missteps. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will be paid $4 million in salary and stock options for the coming year.

Jim Urquhart/Reuters/File
Chief Executive of Netflix Reed Hastings attends a media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, in July. His pay as Netflix CEO will double in 2013 as the stock has rebounded somewhat from lows in the past 12 months.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings' pay will double to $4 million next year, after he took a pay cut due to management missteps this year.

Hastings' annual salary will rise to $2 million in 2013 and he will get $2 million in stock options, according to a securities filing Friday.

That's up from a salary of $500,000 and $1.5 million in stock options for 2012.

Hastings' total pay for 2012 was down 43 percent from $3.5 million in 2011, when some controversial decisions, including a steep price hike on subscriptions, sent the stock spiraling. It fell from a high above $300 to a low below $70 per share.

This year, shares are up 29 percent, closing Friday at $89.33. Recovering from the missteps, the company expects to add around 5 million U.S. subscribers, to between 26.4 million and 27.1 million by the end of the year.

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