BP recalls gas in Indiana. You can recall gas?

BP alerts northwest Indiana drivers that their gas may cause hard starts or stalls. Drivers who have experienced such symptoms can call BP for a refund.

Amy Sancetta/AP/File
In this 2011 photo, the price for unleaded regular gasoline is seen on the sign outside a BP gas station in Beachwood, Ohio. The oil company is alerting drivers in northwest Indiana that they may have gotten defective fuel, causing cars to stall.

BP is recalling a 50,000-barrel batch of gasoline – more than 2 million gallons – in northwestern Indiana because the fuel can cause cars to stall, have a hard time starting, or other problems.

If you filled up with regular unleaded gasoline at at BP station or another station served by BP's Whiting, Ind., storage terminal during the past week and experienced difficulties, you may be able to claim a refund.

The oil company is accepting claims not only for the gasoline but also for repairs associated with the contaminated gasoline. As of late Monday afternoon, the company had received 4,500 calls and 800 e-mails from motorists who said they were having fuel issues.

The problem is a higher than normal level of polymeric residue in the gasoline, according to BP. The company is going through shipping records to alert gas stations and other customers that may have purchased the contaminated or "off-specification" fuel and replacing it with fresh gasoline.

Gasoline recalls are a rare occurrence, BP spokesman Scott Dean writes in an e-mail. "The latest time I remember recalling off-spec gas blended at a terminal was January 2002."

To file a claim, motorists can call the BP hot line at 800-333-3991 or e-mail bpconsum@bp.com.

"The claims process is pretty straightforward," Mr. Dean writes. "Submit your gasoline sales receipt and repair bill and we will start the process. If you
didn’t keep your receipt, usually bank statements will show where and when you purchased the fuel, so we can research it that way, too."

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