Verizon says iPhone will work abroad

Verizon announced that its next iPhone will work on GSM networks, which are common in other countries. AT&T's iPhone already works with GSM networks, but the Verizon iPhone doesn't yet.

Amy Sancetta / AP / File
A Verizon iPhone is shown the first day it was available at Verizon Wireless stores Thursday, Feb. 10, 2011, in Beachwood, Ohio. Verizon's CFO says that the next version of the iPhone will work overseas.

A Verizon Communications Inc. executive says its next iPhone model will work on overseas networks. Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo says the new phone would be a "global" version.

Rival AT&T Inc.'s version of the iPhone already works on GSM networks, the type common in other countries. Verizon started selling its own version on Feb. 10, but it doesn't work with GSM.

Shammo didn't say when the new phone would launch. Apple hasn't revealed any details on the next iPhone.

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