$10 million buried in garlic field. Farmer arrested.

$10 million buried, then accidentally dug up, gets South Korean farmer arrested. Police say $10 million buried to hide gains from illegal Internet gambling.

Hwang Gwang-Mo/Yonhap/Reuters/File
Police officers from the National Police Agency show a seized computer which was used for hacking at the agency's headquarters in Seoul in 2009. But some of the Internet crimes are discovered in more low-tech ways. On April 12, 2011, police arrested a farmer after $10 million buried in his garlic field was accidentally dug up. Police say the money came from an Internet gambling ring.

South Korean police say they've arrested a farmer for allegedly hiding about $10 million in cash in a garlic field. Police say his relatives made the money by running an illegal Internet gambling site.

Police said Tuesday they've confiscated the money the $10 million buried by the farmer in his field in Gimje, about 160 miles (260 kilometers) south of Seoul.

Police say the farmer, surnamed Lee, was arrested Monday.

They say Lee's two brothers-in-law — one in prison and the other on the run — had asked him to hide the money.

Police gave no further details, including what charges Lee's borthers-in-law face and whether the discovered money would add to their charges.

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