SUVs: Road salt forces Honda Passport recall

SUVs from Honda have rear suspension brackets that could detach, if exposed to road salt.

Courtesy of Honda/Newscom/File
A 1999 Honda Passport EX SUV is displayed in this 1998 file photo from Honda. On Dec. 17, the automaker said it was recalling about 35,000 Passport SUVs from model years 1998 through 2002 because of faulty rear-suspension brackets.

Honda Motor Co. is recalling about 35,000 Passport sport utility vehicles to inspect brackets on the rear suspension that could detach and lead to a crash.

The recall announced Friday involves Passports from the 1998-2002 model years and is limited to 21 states and the District of Columbia where road salt is used during the winter.

Honda says the front bracket of the rear suspension lower trailing links could corrode and the bracket could break off from the frame. Honda spokesman Chris Naughton said the government received 33 complaints from owners but no injuries were reported.

Naughton said the problem was not related to a similar recall involving Ford Windstar minivans. Ford hasrecalled more than 600,000 minivans in the U.S. and Canada this year over concerns the rear axle could break, affecting the vehicle's handling.

Honda said it expected to notify owners beginning Friday and encouraged owners to take their vehicles to an authorized dealer.

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