Takata airbag recall now affecting your favorite fancy sports cars

A mass recall of Takata airbags involves nearly 50 million units, and that number could climb even higher in the near future. 

Michael Dalder/AP/File
Audi Chief Executive Officer Rupert Stadler is seen on video screens behind an Audi R8 sports car. The Audi R8 is one of a number of expensive models that have found themselves on the swelling Takata airbag recall list in recent weeks.

The Takata airbag recall is a massive mess that makes Dieselgate look like amateur hour in scandal city. We're dealing with a recall of product now numbering as high as nearly 50 million units. Over the next few years that number will climb to nearly 70 million, and the entire recall process will take us well into the 2020s. While your standard car can certainly fall into that group of recall-affected vehicles, you probably weren't expecting some of these high-dollar exotics to also wind up on the same list.

According to Motor1, there are a few fresh faces on the NHTSA list. This includes cars like the new Audi R8 and the Lexus LFA. Remember the Fisker Karma? That car has Takata airbags. Tesla uses Takata inflators on its Model S. Even McLaren is joining in on the "fun."

Both the McLaren 570S and the hypercar P1 will need their airbag inflators replaced. The good news for those who own one of the more exotic machines on the list is that you undoubtedly have other cars to drive. So while you're supercar is in the shop getting its airbag components swapped out, you can just take the Bentley or the Range Rover to work.

That is until those vehicles wind up on this Takata recall list as well.

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