Tesla Model X is finally here: the ultimate guide

Tesla has pushed back the launch date for its Model X SUV multiple times, but the very first deliveries are expected before the end of this month. Here's our complete coverage of the hotly anticipated Model X over the years. 

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Tesla CEO and co-founder Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Motors Model X electric vehicle at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, Calif, in 2012. After many delays, the first deliveries of Tesla's SUV are expected later this month.

The first Tesla Model S electric sedans hadn't even been delivered when the company announced its Model X electric crossover utility vehicle in February 2012.

Since then, it's become one of the most anticipated new electric cars.

The Model X's incorporation of Model S styling and technology features into a more practical utility vehicle body--along with its unusual roof-hinged "Falcon doors"--made it popular from the get-go.

While Tesla has pushed the vehicle's launch date back multiple times, public enthusiasm doesn't seem to have diminished. Indeed, Tesla now says it has more than 20,000 orders for the car.

Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] originally planned to begin Model X deliveries in 2014, but like all of its production cars so far, there have been delays.

The very first deliveries are expected before the end of this month, though, so we've compiled all of our related articles for you to peruse.

The newest articles are at the top of each section, with older coverage further down.

Basic information

The Model X is an electric crossover that's expected to use a platform based on that of the Model S sedan, with some version of that car's dual-motor all-wheel drive system. Tesla has shown prototypes before, so the styling is already somewhat familiar. And, of course, the Model X has those wicked Falcon doors.

Spy shots and video

Anticipation of the start of Model X deliveries means that every time a prototype ventures out for testing, someone is sure to capture photos or video of it. Activity has increased considerably over the past few months, as Tesla completes final testing and prepares for its promised late 2015 launch date. Here are all of the spy shots and videos we've compiled so far.


Tesla unveiled its first Model X prototype in February 2012, and originally planned to begin deliveries in early 2014. There have been several delays, but Tesla claims the firstvehicles could be delivered to customers as early as this month. For now, follow the twists and turns of the Model X development saga with these stories from the past few years.


2014 Tesla Model X all-electric crossover with 'Falcon Doors' openRivals

Established luxury carmakers have been pretty slow to conjure up rivals to theTesla Model S, but there are already reports of a few potential Model X competitors. Audi will build an all-electric SUV based on its upcoming Q6, BMW is mulling a similar model, and as Tesla earns more respect from existing automakers, there may be more that follow.

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