Hyundai recalls 889,000 Sonatas for brake issues

Hyundai issued two recalls affecting 889,000 Sonatas due to brake problems. Huyndai's recalls affects mostly Hyundai Sonatas from model years 2011-2014, although some 2015 Hyundai Sonatas are affected.

Lee Jin-man/AP/File
The logo of Hyundai Motor Co. is seen on a car at its showroom in Seoul, South Korea, July 25, 2013. Hyundai issued two recalls affecting 889,000 Sonatas due to brake problems.

Hyundai has issued two separate recalls for late-model Sonatas to repair faulty shift cables and crack-prone brake calipers. According to Detroit News, nearly 889,000 vehicles in the US are affected.

Recall #1: 2011-2014 Hyundai Sonata
Units affected: 883,000

By far the largest of the two recalls, this one affects Sonatas manufactured between December 2009 and May 2014. The automaker says that the recall is meant to repair the vehicle's shift cable, which can become disconnected from the car's shift lever. If that happens, it can allow the vehicle to roll away after parking if the parking brake is hasn't been engaged. It might also prevent drivers from shifting out of park. 

To date, Hyundai has received 1,171 warranty claims about the shift cable on 2011-2014 Sonatas. The company says that its dealers will inspect the cable and fix the connection with the shift lever, free of charge. Hyundai hasn't provided a timeline for making these repairs, though, so if you own one of these vehicles, we'd encourage you to use your parking brake regularly until the car has been inspected and fixed.

Recall #2: 2015 Hyundai Sonata
Units affected: 5,650

This recall stems from a problem with the Sonata's front brake calipers, which may be prone to cracking. If that happens, it can reduce the effectiveness of the brakes, and as a result, it may take far more time and distance for drivers to bring the Sonata to a stop. Dealers will replace the calipers, free of charge.

On June 19, Hyundai notified owners of the recall. At the same time, the automaker asked dealers to stop selling the vehicles and make the necessary repairs.

If you believe that your Sonata is affected by one of these recalls and you have additional questions (or in the case of the latter recall, haven't received a recall notice), we encourage you to contact Hyundai customer service at 800-633-5151. 

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