Toyota recall includes 511,000 Siennas, Highlanders, and Lexuses

Toyota recall involves rust on Sienna's spare tire holder, airbag controller software on Highlanders, and brake pedal switch on Lexus GS350 sedan. Siennas from 2004-11 model years make up the bulk of the Toyota recall. 

Jae C. Hong/AP/File
The 2011 Toyota Sienna is part of a recall of some 450,000 Siennas from the 2004-11 model years because of corrosion issues. The Toyota recall also encompasses the 2014 Highlander and Highlander Hybrid and the 2013 Lexus GS350.

Another day, another half million vehicles being recalled. This time, according to CBS Detroit, it’s a trio of vehicles from Toyota and Lexus, which are being recalled for various issues.

The largest of this batch is for the 2004-2011 Toyota Sienna, which is being recalled again for an issue with the spare tire holder. For vans located in northern states, road salt can cause the spare tire holder cable to corrode and brake, which results in the spare tire separating from the vehicle.

Toyota has not announced when this recall will go into effect, but in the meantime it is having dealers remove the spare tire from underneath affected vans and temporarily store it in the cargo area.

A similar recall was issued in 2010 for the 1998-2010 Sienna, but the new recall will not apply to the 1998-2003 model years. In total, Toyota is recalling 370,000 of these minivans in the U.S., and an additional 80,000 in other markets (most likely in Canada).

On a smaller scale, Toyota is recalling 50,000 Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid from the 2014 model year due to a problem with the airbag controller software. The computer is not able to properly calculate the weight of the front passenger, which could lead to the passenger airbag not inflating in an accident.

Finally, Lexus will recall about 10,500 of the 2013 Lexus GS350 sedan for an issue with the brake pedal switch. The defective switch could make the car’s computer think that the driver is attempting to brake, which will engage the brake override system. Lexus says that this will result in “unexpected moderate deceleration” without input from the driver and without illumination the brake lights. No injuries or accidents have been reported with this problem, and Lexus dealers will replace the brake pedal support assembly to remedy the issue.

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