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Liftoff: Ford launches scale version of 2015 Mustang into space

Ford sends a scale version of its 2015 Ford Mustang into space. Read and watch on how they got the tiny car into space. 

Okay, so it's not a full-size 2015 Ford Mustang but rather a scale version. Still, we get excited when pretty much anything is sent into near orbit. A Ford dealership is clearly extremely excited about the newest version of the Pony car, because they orchestrated the sky high stunt. It seems the mini-Mustang was able to ascend to 21 miles above the surface of the Earth before plummeting back down to solid ground.

This is a fun promotion for the car, and we pretty much get behind any video that involves the words "weather balloon," "Mustang," and "space." Still, we think it's time someone ratchets this idea up even further.

We're looking at you Elon Musk.

It's time to bring SpaceX and Tesla together. Strap a Model S to a rocket, aim it at the sky, and start the countdown timer. If ever there was a car that needed to go into space, it's the Model S. Well, that's if you forget about all the amazing space-age concepts from back in the day. Even Ford had a rather amazing idea when it dreamed up the Nucleon (trust us, Google it.0

So the scale Mustang may be the first to make it to space in the automotive world (Lunar Rover being excluded for our purposes). The Russians were the real first folks into space, and the United States made it to the moon. Now it's time to see which automaker can boost a full-size machine into the lonely black. Although we wouldn't bet against Musk putting a future model on Mars.

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