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AAA mobile takes bundling to heart, rolls three apps in one

Taking the trend of bundling to heart, AAA roadside insurance has a new update to its mobile service that wraps three of its popular apps into one, streamlined service, making things simpler for AAA members and non-members alike.

Valentin Flauraud/Reuters
A Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone handset is pictured along with an Apple iPhone in this July 2012 file photo taken in Lavigny. AAA roadside assistance has just released an updated app for both iPhone and Android devices, which bundles three of its most popular services into one app, saving everyone money.

Bundling is big news these days. We bundle insurance, phone, internet, and more, all in the hopes of saving time, energy, and money.

AAA seems to have taken the bundling mantra to heart with the latest update to its AAA mobile app for the iPhone and Android devices. The company has wrapped three of its popular apps into one, streamlined service, making things simpler for AAA members and non-members alike.

Before this update, AAA fans had to download three completely different apps to their phones:AAA Discounts (for locating AAA discounts at hotels and other businesses), TripTik Mobile (for travel-planning, maps, and directions), and the always-important Roadside (for assistance when members' cars go kaput).

Now, those three apps have been rolled into the new AAA Mobile, which technically replaces AAA Discounts: just update that app, and you'll find it replaced with AAA Mobile. (If you have TripTik Mobile and Roadside, you'll see a notification about the upgrade on your phone; once you download AAA Mobile, TripTik Mobile and Roadside will be automatically deleted, no muss, no fuss.)

The updated AAA Mobile app also offers a few other amenities you might find interesting, including:

  • A database of AAA-approved auto repair shops
  • A database of gas stations, including up-to-date pricing info
  • Diamond ratings for AAA-approved hotels and restaurants
  • And for EV-owners: a database of charging stations for electric cars

This is good news for travelers in the northern hemisphere, who are -- we hope -- in full summer vacation mode. After all, replacing three apps with just one leaves more room on your phone for music, podcasts, and recording your own stream-of-consciousness poetry while you drive. (Hey, we don't judge.)

You can download the updated version of AAA Mobile on iTunes and Google Play.

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