Peanut gallery comments on the Cancun Climate Summit

Comments illustrate the diversity of opinions on climate change.

Henry Romero / Reuters
Children cover the mouth of Ecuador's President Rafael Correa during an event called 'Stop Talking, Start Planting' at Cancun's Moon Palace, where climate talks are taking place, Dec. 8. How are Americans responding to the coverage of the climate talks?

Margot Roosevelt has written a piece for the LA Times about the Cancun Climate Summit. At the end of her piece, several anonymous authors have offered comments. Their comments are revealing but I do not endorse any of them. Comment #2 below is funny.


Comment #1 ReidCampbell at 5:14 AM December 12, 2010
A convention backed by the Western elitest banking system sponsered by their puppet the UN using the global warming threat as a means to broker control over third world countries, they´ll be in Africa next. There is alot of information on the internet available to open up minds to this sham and the basic destruction of western culture to promote these elitests " New World Order" agenda.

I´ve lived in a third world country for almost 15 years and what I see as the biggest factor in the contentful longivity of our species and the planet is the out of control population increase. How are you going to stop an illiterate peasant from cutting down the rainforest, or killing the last rare rhino when he has a shack full of children to feed? Throw a convention in a resort?!!¡¡¿

Comment #2 GregMaragos at 1:21 AM December 12, 2010
Me like to drive. Me like cheap gasoline. Me like air conditioning on a hot, summer day. Me like electricity. You get out of way or me drive big SUV right over you and squash your green butt into ground.

(thumps his chest)


Comment #3 tribalsouls at 12:27 AM December 12, 2010
This "Global Warming" hoax is the biggest fraud of all times! It has been proven that C02 is not the cause of temperature rising, its the exact opposite. Temperatures rising cause the C02 levels to go up! Temperatures throughout history go up and down which is normal, and if we got rid of every vehicle and C02 emitting source in the world, it would not effect the outcome of temperature changing up or down that is worth killing our economies and giving up our rights to any government. This is nothing more than the corporations that have corrupted our governments to get more of our tax dollars and control of pretty much everything.

Saving the planet is a great idea, but we need to have some logic and look at some real scientific data that is not funded by any corrupt government entity.

This quite possibly could be the worst thing to happen the free world as we know it if this goes through!


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