Another Deficit Hawk Throws In the Towel?

Senator Evan Bayh announced today that he will not seek reelection; here’s the CNN story (from which the above video comes). Why not? His main explanation (as highlighted by the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart):

Two weeks ago, the Senate voted down a bipartisan commission to deal with one of the greatest threats facing our nation: our exploding deficits and debt. The measure would have passed, but seven members who had endorsed the idea instead voted ‘no’ for short-term political reasons. Just last week, a major piece of legislation to create jobs — the public’s top priority — fell apart amid complaints from both the left and right. All of this and much more has led me to believe that there are better ways to serve my fellow citizens, my beloved state and our nation than continued service in Congress.

Is “bipartisan fiscal responsibility” becoming just a “pipe dream”? How naive was I when I wrote this over three years ago?

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