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After simplifying her life, Nancy Conger has time to play her violin under a spruce tree at her Wisconsin farm in this 1998 file photo. Here are 10 ways to simplify your financial life.

Ten ways to a simple life and better money

A simple life can be a way to save and make money. Here are 10 ways to get there.

Simplifying life is not always an easy task. While we have a lot of different technologies and conveniences that can help us simplify life, sometimes these things ultimately overwhelm us.

There has been a lot of talk in the blogosphere about how to automate or un-automate everyday tasks, so I thought I’d touch on these concepts and show how they can be beneficial in certain circumstances.

In a financial context, simplifying life can be a means to saving and making money. But how? In what ways can we simplify to lead more efficient financial lives? Let’s start with ways we can save some money.

Simplify Your Life to Save Money

Lifestyle design is a huge part of the process of saving money. Everything from the houses we choose to the electricity we use has an effect on our financial picture. For those of us who were not born rich or married someone who was rich, saving money early in our lives is of vital importance.

Here are some ways we can simplify our lives to save money:

  1. Pay bills electronically. Why waste money on stamps? Paying bills online can also simplify your workload and save you valuable time.
  2. Get rid of those pesky credit cards. Besides all the interest you’ll be saving, you won’t have to worry about another bill to pay! The fewer bills you have to pay the better. Also, the less margin for error you have! Credit cards can really eat away your time, money, and sanity.
  3. Move down in house! Got extra room that really isn’t needed? Maybe it’s time to do a little minimalist living and simplify your living quarters to save some money on your payments. You’ll also probably save money on utilities by doing so.
  4. Make simple meals at home. Buying groceries that you can use to make simple meals at home will save you lots of money. Families spend way too much money when they eat out all of the time. Enjoy a simple meal at home and save some cash!
  5. Combine entertainment options. If you’re subscribed to cable, try canceling it for some time! Use your internet connection instead to watch movies and TV shows online!

There are many more ways to save money through simplification. It just takes a few moments of thought and a hint of sacrifice!

Simplify Your Life to Make Money

Making money isn’t always easy. Too many of us have bought into the lie that we must complicate our lives in order to make more money! On the contrary, you can simplify everything and end up making more money than you ever thought possible.

Here are some ways we can simply our lives to make money:

  1. Get rid of non-essential things. Many of us have junk laying around that is worth something to someone. Sell it on Ebay or Craigslist. Have a garage sale. Maybe you have an old car that is sitting in your back lot that needs to be scrapped for parts (or even donated to charity). You get the idea! Non-essentials can really weigh us down and can be turned into cash.
  2. Focus on the 20% of your clients that are providing 80% of your income. This concept helps simplify your business model while freeing up time to find other valuable clients. If you’re an owner of a small business, think about how this might improve your income.
  3. Turn your hobby into your dream job. Taking what you love doing and turning it into work can be one of the most rewarding endeavors. Dare to dream. You can take your work to a whole new level and make more money at the same time.
  4. Clean your workspace to be more efficient. I don’t know about you, but I often have clutter on my desk. I’ve found that by taking this clutter and organizing it, I became a more productive person! Trust me, organize your workspace and you’ll make more money through productivity.
  5. Don’t juggle everything at once. If you have a large project that you’re working on, try to break it up into smaller parts and focus on one part at a time. This focus will enable you to get more done in a short amount of time. Increasing your productivity in this fashion will help improve your income.

What are some ways you can simplify your life to make money? What has worked for you before?

Last Thoughts

There is something to be said for un-automating certain areas of your life. In other words, becoming more intimate with your financial situation can prove beneficial. However, I believe that automating as much as possible produces a better lifestyle for those who adhere to good principles. If you’re just starting out in your pursuit to improve your finances, you may want to think about un-automating everything to ensure you understand how money works in specific circumstances.

After you have simplified your life and work, you’ll soon find that your bank account is much healthier than before. What do you do with all this money? You need a financial turnaround. Pay down your debt, save for rainy days, invest, and give! You’ll be there soon. Simplify today!

John Frainee is a personal finance writer at

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