Houston company gives every employee a six-figure bonus

Hilcorp is awarding all of its employees, from the CEO to the receptionist, a $100,000 bonus check this season capping off a successful year.

Hilcorp Energy Company, based in Houston is giving each its employees a $100,000 bonus.

A Houston-based company is giving its employees a Christmas treat they will never forget.

Hilcorp Energy Company, a privately held oil and gas exploration and production company, is awarding all of its 1,381 staff a $100,000 bonus to thank them after they surpassed their financial targets.

The $100,000 will be prorated based on hire date, but employees of all job levels and titles were eligible for the bonus, according to Fortune Magazine which named the company one of the "best workplaces for diversity".

"It's just a true gift and I don't think that myself along with everyone is not going to give less than 100 percent every day" Amanda Thompson, a receptionist, who has worked at the firm for 10 years, told FOX 26 Houston.

This is not the first time the company is issuing a generous pat on the back of its employees for a job well done. Back in 2010, Thompson says the company met a 5-year goal, and all employees were treated to the choice of a $50,000 car or $35,000 in cash check.

“It was a surreal day it was a dream come true. It was likely a day that many people won't experience in their lifetime and we all did it together,” Thompson told the station.

“Mr. Jeff Hilldebrand (CEO), and our president Greg Lalicker, they are such amazing motivators.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, the new goal to double Hilcorp’s oilfield production rate, net oil and gas reserves, and equity value over five years had to be met by the end of 2015, but Hilcorp reached the goal in the spring.

"That was based on doubling the size of Hilcorp over a five year period and we met that goal," Thompson said. "And we all were able to celebrate and enjoy that life-changing day together.”

Earlier this year, Fortune Magazine named Hilcorp one of the “best workplaces for millennials” for 2015, the firm was placed No. 20 on the Magazine’s overall "best companies to work for" list. 

Hilcorp isn't the only energy company dishing out large bonuses this year. Earlier this year, for the first time since emerging from bankruptcy in 2009, General Motors gave its 48,000 union workers a bonus of up to $9,000 (which was larger than their contract called for), the Detroit News reported

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