Nine times you should demand a refund

When you purchase a product or a service, you expect to get your money's worth. Sometimes that does not happen. When is it okay to demand a refund?

2. Anything unsanitary or unsavory in your food

Baz Ratner/Reuters/File
A waiter carries plates of food at Georgian restaurant Nanuchka in Tel Aviv, Israel July 15, 2015.

There are a lot of gross things I can deal with — my friends would love to tell you the story about the time I ate an ancient corn chip off the carpet in high school for a dollar — but as I've evolved out of being an idiot, hair or other yuck in my food isn't one of them. It's hard enough to eat out these days just thinking about the various "things" in my food that I can't see, so you better believe if there's visible, physical evidence of my gag reflex, I'd like my money back, please. And another, fresh meal. I'm willing to give it another go since I understand that accidents happen and I'm usually too hungry to have to start the restaurant search all over again.

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