CEO vs. worker pay: Walmart, McDonald’s, and eight other firms with biggest gaps

These 10 companies have some of the highest-paid CEOs in the US and huge gulfs between CEO and average worker compensation, according to a study from NerdWallet. Can you guess which company has the biggest pay gap? 

3. Dollar General

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    Rick Dreiling, chairman and CEO of Dollar General, stands in front of the New York Stock Exchange in New York.
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CEO: Rick Dreiling

Average hourly worker wage: $7.67

CEO’s hourly compensation: $7,720 (1,007 times the average worker wage)

Overtime to CEO pay: 3.15 months

The sluggish economy has been good to Dollar General, which has seen its profits grow as big-box retailers like Walmart and Target lose steam. The company reported a 15 percent earnings increase in the second quarter of 2013. Dollar General also saw an increase in customers, who bought more per visit.

But like its big-box rivals, Dollar General hasn’t escaped the scrutiny of fair-wage advocates. Ralph Nader recently wrote Mr. Reiling a letter calling the company’s treatment of its workers “shameful” and encouraging him to increase wages. 

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