10 fast foods that have disappeared

Fast-food restaurant chains are constantly rejiggering their menus in the hopes of luring new customers and coming up with the next buzzworthy food item. But often, when restaurant chains swing for the fences, they miss. Here are some of the most memorable fast-food failures of the past few decades.

5. Breeze

Chain: Dairy Queen

Launched: 1990

The clamor for healthier options from the fast-food industry has a long tradition. Occasionally, a chain will oblige. But that doesn’t mean that the public will eat them, necessarily.

The Dairy Queen Breeze was conceived as a healthier version of the popular Blizzard ice cream treat, made with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. It plodded along for about a decade before DQ pulled the plug; the chain claimed that demand for the product was so low that the frozen yogurt often went bad before it could be sold.

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