Black Friday 2012: 5 apps to help you shop

Going Black Friday shopping? These five free smartphone apps will help you find the best deals and stay organized on the big day. Happy shopping!

3. List Bliss

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    List Bliss may look like a grocery shopping app, and it is. But it can be useful for holiday shopping as well, especially if you're shopping in a group and working with a budget.
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Best for: Keeping organized, staying under budget, and coordinating shopping in a group

Available for: iPhone and Android

Touted as “the shopping list, perfected,” this super-cute app is billed primarily as a grocery shopping aid. But it is a useful tool for organizing expansive lists of any stripe, allowing you to separate your list into categories by type or store. With the synchronized shopping feature, you can shop with partners and check items off the list in real time (this way, there’s no danger of double buying). This one also features a bar code scanner, letting you figure out how much your entire list will set you back, including tax, before checkout – very useful for working with a budget. The app syncs up to the website, and users can log in using Facebook

Cool feature: Using the "plus" button, scan an item to automatically add it to a shopping list. Click these links for the iPhone or Android versions.

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