Credit cards: Top 4 tips for retirees

3. Say no to services sold over the phone

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    Richard Cordray listens to remarks by President Obama after Mr. Cordray was appointed to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2012 in Cleveland. The board is monitoring credit-card practices to ensure that consumers are protected.
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Many customer service representatives are experts in the art of selling extra products once they’ve got you on the line. Unfortunately, most of the additional products or services peddled over the phone aren’t worth the additional cost.

Save yourself the unnecessary expense and “just say no” to any service pushed over the phone. If you really do believe something like identity theft protection or payment protection insurance might be useful to you, take some time to conduct additional research online and review all your options. You can always call back and add the service at a later time if you’re unable to locate a better deal.

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