Five things Millennials never want to hear

2. 'Do it again'

Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor/File
Employees converse in the offices of Ernst & Young in Boston. Boomer supervisors are apt to be a little concerned with Millennials' 'good enough' work habits. But rather than criticize, try acting as a mentor or coach.

Generally, boomers look for attention to detail while Millennials look for good enough. They don’t see the need to be perfect. It feels like getting grades in high school. Once done, they are ready to move on. Millennials may need a little direction to achieve boomer levels of completeness. But offer too much or in too pedantic a way and it is a major turnoff. Turn this around to your advantage and offer guidance as a mentor or a coach. It is far more encouraging to the Millennial worker. 

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