Presidents Day trivia: Who were the 10 richest US presidents?

Mitt Romney earned nearly $22 million in 2010. If elected, he would be in the Top 3 most wealthiest presidents. You may be surprised by who ranks among the Top 10 wealthiest US presidents.

1. George Washington ($525 million)

US federal government
In this Howard Chandler Christy portrait, George Washington is shown signing the Constitution of the United States.

The nation’s first president was also tops in presidential wealth – by far. His Virginia plantation, Mount Vernon, included five separate farms covering 8,000 acres of top farmland on the banks of the Potomac River. In all, Washington is thought to have owned nearly 60,000 acres, a sizable portion of which came from his wife’s family inheritance. He is the only president who is sometimes included in rankings of the 100 wealthiest Americans. Washington also achieved something Mr. Romney never will: In 1789, his salary was 2 percent of the total US budget. 

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