Best in Show winner can't touch these five pricey pooches (+video)

2. “Yangtze River Number Two,” Tibetan Mastiff ($582,000)

American Kennel Club/File
This handout photo from the American Kennel Club shows a Tibetan Mastiff dog. Tibetan Mastiffs are prized in China and can sell for the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tibetan Mastiffs are status symbols among China’s wealthy elite, akin to a Berkin bag or a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps. An ancient Chinese breed that can weigh nearly 300 pounds, the dogs are believed by some to be sacred, containing the souls of Tibetan monks and nuns who weren’t good enough to be reincarnated as humans. Purchased by a Chinese millionaire identified only as “Ms. Wang” in 2009, the all-black Mastiff dubbed "Yangtze River Number Two" arrived at his new home in Xian in Shaanxi Province to a welcome befitting a head of state. A motorcade of 30 luxury cars accompanied the dog from the airport to Ms. Wang’s house.


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