Home prices: How they are faring in six 2012 swing states

Home prices are recovering in some regions, fluctuating in others, and stuck in the basement in still others. How they are faring may yet be an important factor in the 2012 presidential election. Here's how home prices in metro areas in six swing states compare with those at the housing market's peak in 2006.

5. Las Vegas – Not recovered

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    President Obama speaks about jobs and housing in Las Vegas in 2011.
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Fueled by the convention business, gambling, and tourism, Las Vegas experienced overbuilding of its housing stock. When the Great Recession dialed everything back, the influx of people slowed and the glut of homes caused prices to fall. Home prices are down 60 percent since 2006 – something that
may be on voters' minds as the Nevada GOP caucuses begin on Feb. 4.

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