Stock market quiz: Can you predict the market based on the trader's face?

The stock market is a roller coaster, rising and falling hundreds of points, sometimes in a single day. If it's stressful for investors, it wreaks emotional havoc on the traders who work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. As photographers have discovered over the years, the daily story of the stock market can be encapsulated in a single trader's face. Can you tell the market's performance based on the expressions of these traders? Take our 10-question stock market quiz:

1. Eww! Stock market trader Thomas Scavone doesn’t like what he sees in this photo from Jan. 27, 2003. Why is he so perturbed?

David Karp/AP/File
Thomas Scavone grimaces as he works at the New York Stock Exchange.

The Dow has dropped below 8,000 for the first time in three months.

The threat of war is competing with good news on the US economy, so stock indexes are mixed.

The Dow is up, but he is watching stock, which is plummeting.

The Dow gained 230 points, but he just ate a very sour piece of candy.

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