Seven worst Christmas toys for kids

3. Monster High Dolls

Courtesy of Leanne Shirtliffe
Monster High dolls can be pulled apart limb-by-limb, making them easier to dress but more ghoulish in the process.

Monster High dolls are sexy ghouls for the "tween" market that were introduced virally via Youtube in 2010. These toys retail for around $20 and have names like Draculaura, Frankie Stein, and Spectra Vondergeist.

This year, the Monster High brand, which is expanding as quickly as the zombies’ sinister presence in AMC's "The Walking Dead," is a frighteningly excellent example of vertical marketing in the toy world. Tweens can wield their purchasing power to buy child-sized costumes, a feature length movie, chapter books by a well-known young adult author, and accessories, including coffins.

The Monster High dolls themselves are articulated and can be pulled apart limb-by-limb and joint-by-joint, enabling easier dressing for their skin-tight clothing. Beware of vacuuming up their hands.

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