Dunder Mifflin: 'Office' paper now real. Can it top these fiction-to-fact products?

4. Red Swingline ® stapler (“Office Space,” 1999)

Matt Sayles/AP/File
In "Office Space," Stephen Root, pictured here, plays an office worker who is very attached to his red Swingline (r) Stapler. But the company didn't manufacture a red stapler until years after "Office Space" was filmed.

In the cult workplace classic, Stephen Root plays a thoroughly weird, thoroughly neglected cubicle drone who quietly endures his worsening work environment –until someone takes away his beloved red Swingline stapler.  However, at the time  “Office Space” was filmed, Swingline didn’t make a red stapler – Root’s was painted by a set designer. In 2002, at the behest of Office Space fans who kept requesting it,  Swingline finally released a red model, the Swingline Rio Red 747 Business Stapler. Retailing for $12, it is now available pretty much everywhere staplers are sold.

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