Dunder Mifflin: 'Office' paper now real. Can it top these fiction-to-fact products?

1. Anaheim Ducks (“The Mighty Ducks,” 1992)

Gus Ruelas/AP
,Anaheim Ducks goalie Dan Ellis stretches during a break in the action during the third period of an NHL hockey game against the Chicago Blackhawks in Anaheim, Calif. The Anaheim Ducks were inspired by the 1992 Disney film, "The Mighty Ducks."

Fresh off the surprising box office success of the film about the scrappy Minnesota peewee hockey team, the Walt Disney Company founded an NHL Hockey team called the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in 1993.  In 2005, Disney sold the Ducks to Henry and Susan Samueli, who promptly shortened the name to the “Anaheim Ducks.”  During their 18 years in the NHL, the Ducks have won one Stanley Cup title, in 2007, won two Western Conference championships, and made the playoffs eight times.

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