Is the economy that bad? Six doggie bag stories.

2. Just the sauce

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    JTM Vito's Meat Sauce tops rigatoni. But once the rotini and meat are eaten, would you really ask to bag up the sauce?
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Chicago-based media consultant David Viggiano was a waiter for 15 years. He has packed more than 10,000 doggie bags. Several years ago, he served a woman a huge pasta dish. She ate all the pasta, but there was a small pool of sauce remaining in the bottom of the bowl.

“There was no pasta and no meat or veggies left,” says Mr. Viggiano. “When she asked me to wrap up the sauce, I thought she was joking. But she was dead serious. She said it was enough to put on a single portion of pasta she could make at home. We had no small containers to put the sauce in, so I had to squeeze every last drop into a large to-go container. It looked pathetic, but who am I to judge?”

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