IHOP: free Halloween pancake if you're 12 or under

Free Halloween pancake is available at IHOP nationwide Friday only. Kids get to decorate their free Halloween pancake with cookies, candy corn.

Dave McDermand/The Bryan-College Station Eagle/AP/File
Eight-month-old Alaster "Gator" Thompson grabs a stack of free pancakes during IHOP's National Pancake Day celebration in 2010. During Friday's free Halloween pancake promotion, kids 12 and under only get one pancake, but they can decorate it themselves with candy corn and mini Oreo cookies.

Participating IHOP restaurants are offering kids a free Halloween pancake on Friday, Oct. 28.

Officially, it's called a Scary Face pancake and consists of one oversize pancake with a whipped topping mouth and a strawberry nose. Two mini Oreo cookies and candy corn are served on the side, so you can design your very own Halloween pancake.

Parents might not be thrilled with the sugar content. But they'll love the price.

"It is an extremely popular promotion," says an IHOP spokeswoman. The chain offered a free reminder call to parents who signed up this month. "We had thousands of people sign up."

To qualify for your free pancake, you have to be 12 or under and show up at an IHOP restaurant between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday.

The giveaway is nationwide. The 53-year-old IHOP chain has more than 1,500 restaurants in all 50 states and virtually all are participating, the spokeswoman says.

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