Despite rush, you can still get Missoni at Target

Demand for Target's new Missoni-designed products overwhelmed its website and jammed its stores. But the rush didn't clear out all the Missoni items at Target.

Shannon Stapleton/Reuters
A woman walks by a Missoni for Target pop-up store on Sixth Avenue in New York Sept. 14, 2011. Target Corp. said its website crashed on Tuesday morning after an overwhelming rush to the site from shoppers interested in a new line of Missoni apparel and other goods, which quickly sold out in many stores.

Consumers rushed Target stores and jammed its website Tuesday for clothes, accessories, and home products from high-end Italian knitwear designer Missoni. The demand was so huge that it crashed the Target website, left many store shelves bare, and outdid a typical Black Friday, the Minneapolis-based retailer said.

But don’t worry: You can still get Missoni couture at Target.

The website is back up and running. Local stores will get periodic shipments of the merchandise through Oct. 22 (when the limited promotion is scheduled to end).

Even though many of the products were cleaned out during Tuesday’s launch, especially adult clothing and accessories, discount fashionistas can still get their Missoni fix. As of Wednesday morning, these items were still available on the Target website:

Bathing suits: Swimsuit season may have come and gone, but you can still get Missoni swimsuits on the Target website, including a black and white one piece and multicolored two-pieces. Sizing is limited, however.

Baby clothing: There are several pieces of clothing for baby girls and toddlers available, including printed trench coats, sweaters and leggings.

Electronic accessories: Across all departments, items with the characteristic Missoni print (a multi-colored zig zag stripe pattern) are scarce. But there are still iPad and iPod cases from the design house available in more muted prints.

Bicycles: Among the more unexpected items in the Missoni line, which runs the gamut from sweater dresses to plates, are comfort bicycles in two varieties. The multicolored bikes are out of stock, but the black and white versions are still available for both men and women..

Girls’ clothing: For clothing, the girls’ department is the least picked over, with more than 20 items still in stock. The girls’ department is the only one with items in the characteristic Missoni color palate still available. Tiny-footed women might even be able to squeeze into a pair of girls’ multicolored ballet flats, which look very similar to the out-of-stock adult version.

And for the truly desperate, there are already thousands of Missoni for Target items up for sale on eBay.

Of course, the “discount” status may no longer apply: One out-of-stock sweater dress priced at $54.99 on the Target website was up to bids of $200 on eBay.

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