Memorial Day tuneup: Top 5 easiest car repairs

Memorial Day is the start of the summer driving season. Before you drop off your car at the local mechanic to get it in tip top shape, consider saving some money by performing these basic maintenance repairs yourself. I know what you're thinking: Grease? Auto parts all over the garage? Don’t worry. I got together with our expert mechanic team at to come up with car repairs that are so easy, just about anyone can do them while keeping their hands (mostly) clean. The average car owner should be able to complete all five jobs in about an hour and save nearly $200. Here are our Top 5 easiest auto repairs:

1. Replace wiper blades

Reed Saxon/AP/File
Toyota models are seen at a storage lot for Keyes Toyota in the Van Nuys area of Los Angeles Jan. 28, 2010. As you prepare to hit the road for Memorial Day, don't forget this super-easy maintenance repair: Replace all worn and damaged windshield wipers.

Whether you live in an area that experiences summer rains or not, you should always be prepared and replace worn or damaged wiper blades before you need them. Wiper blades easily snap in by hand, so there’s no need to take your car to the mechanic. If you visit a repair shop or dealership for this job, not only would you pay money for the labor, you may also be subject to a markup on the wiper blades. Most retail and auto supply stores carry wiper blades to fit all makes and models.

Easy Factor: Illustrations and instructions often appear on the package. Wiper blades usually just snap in by hand. They are light, highly visible, and easily accessible.

Tip: Tilt the wiper arms upward for easy removal of the blade.

Tool Factor: No tools required.

Time Factor: Typically less than five minutes.

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