Bugaboo Donkey and 4 other high-end strollers

The Bugaboo Donkey stroller is being released this month in the US. The Dutch-made stroller has up to a $1,660 price tag and a long waiting list of customers. But it's not the only high-end buggy on the market. Here are five boutique strollers that make a fashion statement for the mothers who can afford them:

5. Switchback Hybrid, by Baby Jogger - $650

Courtesy of Baby Jogger
Baby Jogger's Switchback Hybrid can be pushed as a stroller or clipped onto a bike as a trailer. It can roll over hilly terrain, making it suitable for adventuresome babies.

The Switchback Hybrid is for those parents who crave exercise. Hard-core exercise. We're not talking about a brisk walk around Manhattan with a Bugaboo Donkey stroller. We're talking trails, rocks, and hills. The Switchback comes with two separate screens: one for bugs and one for wind and rain. There are powerful brakes for hilly terrain, safety harnesses for two little passengers, and pockets designed specifically for baby’s helmet. You can push this stroller or snap off the front wheel and pull it behind you.

The Switchback can haul up to 100 pounds, so some lucky parents may be able to run their middle-schoolers to class and leave the SUV at home.

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