E-mail overload? Three ways to tame your in box.

3. Empty your in box on every view

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    Always clean out your e-mail on every visit.
    Illustration by Jake Turcotte / The Christian Science Monitor
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The average e-mail user gets 110 e-mails a day. If checked five times a day, that is 22 e-mails to empty out on each visit. This seems difficult to most people because they believe “emptying” their in box means they need to complete every e-mail task. However, emptying the in box really just requires that you’ve sorted each e-mail into a folder or deleted it. By using folders and the trashcan, you will be able to prioritize, organize, and streamline your e-mail tasks, and you won’t have an anxiety attack every morning when you see 10,298 e-mails waiting in your in box.

Marsha Egan is CEO of the Inbox Detox (www.inboxdetox.com), a productivity consulting firm in Reading, Pa., and author of “12 Steps to Curing Your E-mail E-ddiction.”

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