Super Bowl commercials 2011:The best 3 online now (video)

You don't have to wait until Sunday. Many companies are already airing their Super Bowl 2011 commercials days before the Big Event. The goal is to create a pre-game buzz around their ads. Check out our favorites, so far.

1. Kia's One Epic Ride

Kia Motors
Kia Motors Super Bowl commercial for 2011 is called One Epic Ride, and features a car which even the Greek god Poseidon covets.

The Kia Motors Super Bowl commercial features the 2011 Optima sedan, and is called "One Epic Ride." The Korean car company unveiled the ad, created by David & Golaith, on Friday. Like other companies releasing their Super Bowl ads early, the goal is to create an online buzz that can carry though the weekend. The campaign includes an online contest, where five participants can win an Optima, as well as a $25 debit card for those who test drive a Kia.

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