Job market's still tough. Seven ways to reenergize your job search.

2. Stay positive

Brian Snyder/Reuters/File
A " Help Wanted" sign in the window advertises a job opening at a dry cleaner in Boston Sept. 1, 2010. One of the key elements of a successful job search is a positive outlook, employment consultants say.

After a lackluster interview, a moody interviewee sure isn’t going to get the job. First impressions matter. Ruining your chances with a sour attitude is no way to enter the job market.

“Attitude is everything,” said Ford Myers, president of Career Potential, a career development company with offices in Haverford and Radnor, Pa. “If you are feeling negative and cynical, it will severely damage your chances. Employers can smell your negativity from a mile away.”

Easier said then done, when the unemployment rate is so high. Despite a tough economy, the key is to change your mindset and remain optimistic, says Mr. Myers, author of “Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring.”

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