Five unusual Census 2010 facts

3. North Dakota

Dale Wetzel/AP
A receiving line for new Gov. Jack Dalrymple, Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, and former Gov. John Hoeven stretches through the North Dakota Capitol's Memorial Hall Dec. 7. Governor Hoeven resigned in advance of his taking office in January 2011 as North Dakota's new US senator. North Dakota saw its population growth accelerate in the past decade after anemic growth in the 1990s.

In all, seven states saw their population grow faster during the 2000s than in the 1990s and they're not necessarily the states you'd expect: South Carolina (1 percent faster), Maine (11 percent), Hawaii (32 percent), Connecticut (36 percent) Wyoming (58 percent), West Virginia (213 percent). But by far the state with the biggest acceleration was North Dakota.

During the 1980s, it lost 2.1 percent of its population, and only gained 0.5 percent in the 1990s. But during the 2000s, its steady economy created new jobs and population growth accelerated to 4.7 percent. That's an 840 percent rise from the anemic rate of growth during the 1990s.

Which state saw its slowest growth in a century?

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