Bosses Day 2010: Top 5 gift ideas for the person who outearns you

Bosses Day 2010 has arrived, bringing with it the existential question: What do you buy for someone who makes more money than you do (and why should you buy a present for your boss, anyway)? Whether you work for the world’s greatest boss or an intolerable tyrant, here are ideas that won’t get you fired – and might even help with that next promotion. (Note: We haven't actually tried any of these, but they seem boss-friendly.)

5. The mug

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    Classy mugs balance of form and function, and can feature witty (or wise) sentiments. Front: Master of the messy desk. Back: Organized people are just too lazy to look for things.
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Whether your boss starts her day with Starbucks or sips the free tea from the conference room, she’ll appreciate an alternative to paper cups – and these with a flared lip look more chic than old-school cylindrical mugs. Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality. A good mug can provide a conversation piece with clients or coworkers. Find the perfect mug and you could have your boss bragging about it to everyone who sees her hold it – and she’ll remember your good judgment, too.

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