US News college rankings: Here are the Top 5 value schools

US News college rankings were released Tuesday and, not surprisingly, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale grabbed the three top spots. But US News also rated the colleges and universities by value. Here are the Top 5 high-quality national universities whose typical financial aid package covers the most college costs, including books and transportation:

Students of San Diego Community College attends their 2010 graduation in June. US News college rankings came out Tuesday, listing among other things national universities in terms of value. Can you guess the Top 5 value schools?

5. Stanford University

Hoover Tower is a landmark on the Stanford University campus in Stanford, Calif. The school is No. 5 among top value national universities, according to US News college rankings, which appeared Tuesday.

Stanford gives 49 percent of its students need-based grants, the lowest share of the Top 5 value universities, according to the US News college rankings. And it has the second-highest tuition and fees: $39,201. Nevertheless, its aid package on average covers a generous 69 percent of total costs, making it the No. 5 best value national university on US News college rankings. That's not even counting the great weather.

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