Five Guys Burgers: Are they on your list of Top 5 burgers?

Five Guys Burgers and Fries landed atop a Zagat's survey of 6,518 Americans rating 136 fast-food and full-service chains. But asking five guys to rate the Top 5 burger joints is a little like getting five connoisseurs to agree on art. These are serious diners, who eat at chain outlets an average 10.7 times a month. (Yikes!)

On Monday, Zagat released their take on America's Top 5 burger outlets. Do you agree?

Photo illustration: Ask five guys about America's best fast-food burger and chances are there will be plenty of disagreements. A new Zagat survey reveals the Top 5 according to its more than 6,500 diners.

5. McDonald's

David Duprey/AP/File
A McDonald's restaurant in Tonawanda, N.Y., sports the retro look of McDonald's restaurants from a half century ago.

America's biggest fast-food chain, which reached its 70th anniversary this summer, has the nation's fifth-best burger. Don't cry for Mickey D if you thought it should have rated higher. The worldwide chain won top honors in the Zagat survey for Best Value, Breakfasts, Value Menu, Drive-Thus, Child Friendliness (despite this little unfriendliness over Happy Meals), and French Fries (for the third year in a row).

Still, it's gotta sting when your Big Mac loses out to No. 4...

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