Graco stroller recall: Is your Graco stroller affected?

Wednesday's Graco stroller recall of 1.5 million units is the largest in US history. Here's how to find if you have a problem stroller.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission
About 1.5 million units are affected by Wednesday's Graco stroller recall, the largest in American history. Is your stroller affected? Here's how to find out what to do about it.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a Graco stroller recall Wednesday that will total 1.5 million strollers. The recall concerns uncovered hinges on the canopy of the Graco Passage, Alano, and Spree strollers, which have caused seven severe injuries to toddler's fingers, according to the CPSC.

The strollers in question were sold between October 2004 and February 2008 at several dozen retailers including Target, Wal-Mart, Babies “R” Us, Toys “R” Us, Kmart, and Sears. The strollers cost between $80 and $200.

If you bought a Graco stroller during that period, check the stroller's model number against the chart at the bottom of this page or check out the CPSC's news release. (You can find the stroller's model number and manufacture date on the lower inside portion of the rear frame, just above the rear wheels.)

If you have one of the problem strollers, stop using it immediately, the CPSC warns, and order a repair kit from Graco. You can find those order forms here. or by calling 800-345-4109. (Be forewarned: The Graco website was operating extremely slowly at 10 a.m. EST, probably due to the increased traffic the recall is generating.)

The company has set up a FAQ post regarding the recall on it's blog. Graco is also responding to stroller owners via Twitter.

Customers outside the United States are also eligible for the recall, according to Graco.

Graco says the repair kits will be available in one to two weeks. Once you've received the kit, an instructional video at the bottom of this post demonstrates how to properly attach the kit.

Graco has now had the two largest American stroller recalls on record. A 2005 recall of two Graco models that failed to latch properly resulted in 230 injuries and the recall of 1.1 million strollers. In November, British stroller manufacturer Maclaren recalled a million strollers in the US due to a hinge issue similar to that of the latest Graco recall. Maclaren strollers had injured 15 toddlers, 12 severely.

Model Numbers
6303MYC, 6303MYC3 7240DNB, 7240DNB2
7240MKL2, 7240MKL3
6320IVY, 6320LAU 7241DDH2, 7241DHO3 7F04TAY3
6330CAP, 6330THR,
7255CLP, 7255CLP2,
7255CRA2, 7255CRA3,
7255CSA3, 7255GPK3,
7255GRN, 7255GRN2,
7255JJB3, 7255ORC2,
7255WLO2, 7255WLO3
6F00QIN3, 6F00RRY3 7256CLO2, 7256SPM2,
7F08DSW3, 7F08LAN3
6F03GLN3 7260BAN, 7260BAN2,
7260BAN3, 7260MRA2,
7260MRA3, 7260PKR,
7G00DLS3, 7G00DLS4
6G10CSE3 7270BIA, 7270BIA2 7G01CRL3
7235GGA, 7235GGA2 7E01JON2, 7E01JON3 7G04KRA3
7236CDR2 7F00LPE3, 7F00RSH3 7G05GPR3, 7G06WSR3
7237HOL2, 7237HOL3 7F01FOR3 7G07ABB3, 7G07BAT3
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The Graco stroller recall is America's largest at 1.5 million affected units. Are you affected by the recall? Let us know how the process is working for you on Twitter.