Can anything challenge 'The Girl on the Train' as the breakout book of 2015?

We're not even halfway through the year, so there's plenty of time for another book to become a success, but 'Train' continues to dominate bestseller lists months after its publication.

'The Girl on the Train' is by Paula Hawkins.

Can anything top "The Girl on the Train" this year?

Paula Hawkins’ novel “Train” was released this past January and quickly became a bestseller. The book focuses on a woman who, while riding a train, goes by a couple’s apartment every day and becomes involved in the case when the wife goes missing. Amazon chose it as one of the best books to be released that month. The book received other positive reviews as well, with some critics comparing it to Gillian Flynn’s bestseller “Gone Girl.” 

Months after its publication, “Train” is still dominating sales charts. The book came in at number two on the IndieBound Hardcover Fiction list for the week of April 30 and is at number two on the New York Times combined print and e-book fiction list for the week of May 3 as well as at number one on the NYT hardcover fiction list for the same week. It’s still doing well at Barnes & Noble as well, currently ranking at number eight on the bookseller’s bestseller list, and at Amazon, where it’s at number eight. 

Can anything match its success this year? We’ll have to see what the summer brings.

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