Accio Books!: Harry Potter Alliance hopes to get thousands of books to those who need them

The goal for organization's Accio Books! campaign is to get 60,000 books donated.

The 'Harry Potter' movies star Rupert Grint (l.), Emma Watson (center), and Daniel Radcliffe (r.).

“Harry Potter” fans, the Harry Potter Alliance needs your help.

As we previously reported, the HPA is a nonprofit organization that uses the story of Harry and his friends as inspiration to help others. Its newest project is called Accio Books!, named after the “Potter” spell that summons objects. 

The HPA is asking fans to donate books for those who need them. According to the HPA website, the selected recipients for Accio Books! are Borderline Books, which give free books in various languages to those who wouldn’t have them otherwise and which has locations in England and the Netherlands, and Kansas City’s Operation Breakthrough, one of the biggest single-site early education and social services centers in the state.

Those who want to donate can find an HPA book drive near them on the HPA website or send books directly to Operation Breakthrough or Borderline Books. Those who organize a drive can also choose to give the books to a place like a school or a library near them so as to save money on sending the books. 

More than 9,000 books have already come in for Accio Books! and those who want to get involved have until June 2 to help the HPA reach their goal of 60,000.

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