'Bosch' TV series is inspired by Michael Connelly's book series

Police detective Harry Bosch is the protagonist in Michael Connelly's series, the most recent installment of which is 'The Burning Room.'

Aaron Epstein/Amazon Content Services LLC/AP
'Bosch' stars Titus Welliver (l.) and Jamie Hector (r.).

The new Amazon series “Bosch” is inspired by the books by Michael Connelly that detail the experiences of Los Angeles police detective Harry Bosch.

Connelly’s most recently published book about the character is “The Burning Room,” with a new one, “The Crossing,” due this November, according to the author’s website

Amazon received recent acclaim for its TV series “Transparent” – the show was widely well-received critically and received the Golden Globe for best TV comedy or musical series last month. “Transparent” actor Jeffrey Tambor also took the best actor in a musical or comedy award. 

Amazon’s TV show “Bosch” stars actor Titus Welliver of “Transformers: Age of Extinction” as the detective. Connelly told Variety that he felt the books about Harry Bosch were well-suited to a TV program.

“Hopefully if you’ve got a show on TV, you do more – you get more hours to show the character,” he said.

Connelly said he was impressed when he met with Amazon’s Joe Lewis, who is head of original programming, and Amazon studios chief Roy Price. The two suggested plots and storylines for the show. “That could have only come from someone who knew the books,” Connelly said. 

According to Variety, the writer wanted the show to be filmed in Los Angeles. “It’s Harry’s world – he’s a creature of this city,” Welliver said of the choice. “L.A. is a character in this. You can’t cheat, you really can’t.” 

Meanwhile, he told the Examiner that he thinks Harry Bosch is a character people would recognize. 

“Harry Bosch doesn’t drive a Ferrari, and he doesn’t drink champagne or wear a tuxedo,” he said. “And there’s no reason for him to do that. That’s what makes him sort of attainable. He’s a very, very real, real guy." 

Amazon put all 10 episodes of the show’s first season online on Feb. 13.

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