'Into the Wild' author Jon Krakauer will write a book about sexual assaults on campus

Jon Krakauer's upcoming book 'Missoula' will center on stories he was told by those who said they experienced sexual assault at the University of Montana. Krakauer is also the author of 'Into Thin Air.'

Brennan Linsley/AP
Jon Krakauer speaks during an interview in Denver in 2014.

For his next book, “Into the Wild” writer Jon Krakauer will examine sexual assaults at the University of Montana.

The book will be named after the town in which the college is located and will be titled “Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town.” The book will be published by Doubleday in April.

In a statement, Krakauer said someone he was acquainted with was the subject of sexual assault. 

“I was angry with myself for being so uninformed, not only about her ordeal but about non-stranger rape in general,” he said. “I responded by doing a lot of reading, and seeking out rape survivors who were willing to share their stories. The more I listened to these women, the more disturbed I became.” 

Krakauer’s previous work includes the books “Under the Banner of Heaven" and “Into Thin Air.” Monitor staff called “Into Thin Air” “compelling…. [it has] a raw, ruthless sort of honesty.” 

The author also recently wrote an e-book titled “Three Cups of Deceit” about the controversy surrounding “Three Cups of Tea” writer Greg Mortensen.

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