'The Imitation Game': A new trailer provides a glimpse into the well-reviewed film

'Game' is already earning Oscar buzz for actor Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal of Alan Turing.

A new trailer for the film “The Imitation Game” has arrived.

“Game,” which stars “Sherlock” actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, who helped solve one of Nazi Germany’s most important codes but later came under fire for homosexuality. The film also co-stars Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode of the movie “Belle,” and “Downton Abbey” actor Allen Leech as various people who worked with Turing as well as “Game of Thrones” actor Charles Dance and Mark Strong of “Before I Go to Sleep” as members of the British military.

In the trailer, Turing tells Dance’s character Commander Alastair Denniston, “I’m designing a machine to break every German message instantly.”

“It’s impossible,” Denniston says. 

“Let me try, then we’ll know for sure,” Turing tells him. 

“Imitation,” which is based on Andrew Hodges’ book “Alan Turing: The Enigma,” opens on Nov. 28 and is already the subject of Oscar buzz. Monitor film critic Peter Rainer called Cumberbatch's performance "terrific." Check out the full trailer for the film.

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