New super-sized Bob Dylan book examines the artist's lyrics

'The Lyrics: Since 1962' will be released this November and is reportedly more than 960 pages long and weighs about 13 and a half pounds.

Jerry Schatzberg/Columbia Records/PR Newswire
Bob Dylan's lyrics will be examined in the book 'The Lyrics: Since 1962.'

Are you a Bob Dylan fan who would love to own the newest collection of his lyrics? Then be prepared to carry around more than 13 pounds. 

The book “The Lyrics: Since 1962” is being released in November through Simon & Schuster and according to The New York Times, it will have an introduction by Christopher Ricks, who previously wrote a book about Dylan, as well as alternative versions of lyrics and album covers. The collection will encompass every lyric ever recorded by the artist, according to Rolling Stone.

According to the NYT, the book will be more than 960 pages long. The plan is to print 3,500 books, with 500 meant for British readers. The book will be priced at $200, although 50 special edition books will cost $5,000. These will have gilded pages, a slipcase, and will be signed by Dylan. 

“It’s the biggest, most expensive book we’ve ever published, as far as I know,” Simon & Schuster president and publisher Jonathan Karp told the NYT. 

Did Dylan help with the book? Karp told the NYT that he thought Dylan had given them manuscripts and other materials, but Ricks said, “I think the right thing for us is not to go into the question of the particular kinds of help and assistance and advice that we were in a position to receive.”

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