'Gone Girl': Parts of the 'Amazing Amy' books from the novel are available as a sample

In 'Gone Girl,' character Amy's parents write a book series titled 'Amazing Amy.' Fans can now download a preview of the book 'The Complete Amazing Amy' on iTunes. 

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    The 'Amazing Amy' books are listed as being authored by the fictional characters Rand and Marybeth Elliott.
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Fans of Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl” will remember the “Amazing Amy” book series, novels written by Amy Dunne’s parents about a girl named Amy who always seemed to do everything right.

Artist Kirk Van Wormer created various book covers for the film adaptation of “Gone,” with titles of the books including “Amazing Amy Meets Her Match” and “Amazing Amy and the Big Day.” Through iTunes, “Gone” fans can now see a preview of a book titled “The Complete Amazing Amy,” which is presented as if Rand and Marybeth Elliott, Amy’s psychologist parents, were real people. (The book cover reads that they are “two psychologists – who are parents just like you!”)

“These charming picture books address kids’ burning questions, like: Should I always tell the truth? Can I bend this rule? Should I try a little harder?” the description on iTunes reads. “This sampler lets you follow along on some of Amazing Amy’s adventures as she leads by example and makes good, smart, positive choices.”

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According to iTunes, the preview, which is free, consists of 11 pages altogether.

Van Wormer told Yahoo about the experience of creating the book covers for the film, which he said was a process both Flynn and the movie’s director, David Fincher, were involved in. He said it didn’t start out like he expected. 

“I have to tell you, the coolest and weirdest thing is to get a phone call from David Fincher saying ‘I’d like you to do some illustrations for my next movie,’ and then to find out that there’s no dead bodies or gore,” he said. “I have a background in horror, so I was like, ‘Alright, I’m ready to go, David Fincher!’ And then he wanted cute, adorable children’s illustrations that remind us of the seventies.”

Check out the preview on iTunes here


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